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The numerous environmental and regulatory challenges for Oil and Gas companies today require a comprehensive system to manage data, handle regulatory reporting, and provide senior management with the information they require to make strategic decisions for the business.

Environmental and Regulatory Compliance

Unmetered Fuel,
Flare, Vent
Estimation & Reporting

Methane / GHG Inventory Management

Glycol Dehydrator

National Pollutant Release Inventory

Facility Licence Document Management

Our Solutions

Envirosoft’s solutions, provided as part of our EMPOWER suite™, are designed as fit-for-purpose applications, and are continuously being enhanced to respond to evolving regulatory requirements and client feedback.


Emission Manager™

Estimation and management of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and Criteria Air Contaminant (CAC) emissions, and GHG emission intensities

Fuel-Flare-Vent Manager™

Estimation and management of unmetered fuel, flared and vented volumes from both routine and non-routine sources at oil and gas facilities

Regulatory Document Manager™

Managed service, providing a web-based repository of facility licence and Directive 056 schedule information

Dehy Manager™

Management of glycol dehydrator operating and analytical data, for the preparation of DEOS and annual benzene inventory

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According to new market survey, job opportunities are poised for growth in the emerging Canadian Methane services industry.

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